How to Pair YouTube Apps with Xbox 360

How to Pair YouTube Apps with Xbox 360

How to Pair YouTube Apps with Xbox 360How to Pair YouTube apps with Xbox 360 is a common question many consumers have regarding these popular platforms. Setup and use YouTube’s handy feature “Send to TV” to stream video content between compatible devices. Send video between iPhone and an Android based mobile phone to your Xbox 360.

YouTube has become more like a trend among youngsters and grown-ups alike throughout the world. We are a media generation immersed in a visual world. Everyone knows about YouTube and it’s very popular for personal video distribution and entertainment. People go to YouTube to watch the current trending videos as well as search educational videos, music videos, etc. With the release of the YouTube app for Android Smartphone, this trend went mobile. People on the go can also search and watch YouTube videos. Recently, the YouTube app was launched for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. People having iOS and Android devices would want to stream videos from the mobile to various compatible devices. In this article, we will discuss about how to pair YouTube apps with Xbox 360. Windows 8 Smartphone can also use this feature with the app.

Devices Supported

The YouTube app’s Stream to TV feature allows YouTube videos to be streamed to various compatible devices. The list of compatible devices can be found on YouTube’s website for reference. For now it supports various smart televisions as well as popular gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Smart televisions from various brands support this feature.

First Step –> Getting the App Running on Your Desired Viewing Device

  • The first step in this process is to get the YouTube app up and running on the device where you want your Smartphone to stream videos to. This device can be among various compatible smart televisions, or even an Xbox 360 or PS3. Download the app YouTube for Xbox like you would any other app for your device.

Second Step –> Tweaking the Settings for This App

  • After downloading the YouTube for Xbox app, launch it. From the app interface find the Settings option and select the option. Under the Settings page there should be an option for pairing devices. Click on that option. Once clicked a nine digit number will be generated for you. Write down this number on a piece of paper and keep it safe and accessible.

Third Step –> Getting the YouTube App on Your Smartphone

  • If you already have the YouTube app installed on your Smartphone please ignore this step. For those who don’t have the app be sure to download the app first. The YouTube app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 Smartphone. Although the YouTube app is also available for other device platforms the Stream to TV feature won’t work there.

Fourth Step –> Pairing the YouTube App with Your Device

  • After the YouTube app is up and running on your Smartphone the next step involves the actual pairing of the Smartphone with your Xbox 360. Launch the YouTube app and then select the Menu icon. From there navigate to the Settings option. There should be an option called Connected TVs. Select that option. From there find the option “Add a TV”.

Final Step – Inputting the Nine Digit Number

  • On touching or tapping the “Add a TV” a text box will be shown where you will be asked to input a nine digit pairing code. Find the nine digit number that you have written down earlier. Inside the text box input this nine digit pairing number. After the number has been inputted select the Add option.

Streaming Videos from the App

Once the pairing process is complete a small TV button should start appearing whenever any video is played inside the YouTube app. Touching the TV button will show up a list of the connected devices. Select your TV. The video should start playing on your TV. The app can be used to control the playback of videos as well.

Need More Help?

Apps and settings sometimes change with updates, new versions and different device versions. In the event some of these steps are slightly different it is always a good idea to refer to the apps documentation usually on the provider’s website. Sometimes apps built for different platforms have slightly different layouts or option names but with some exploration and documentation you should be able to walk through the process (the idea and functionality generally remains the same).


Learning how to pair YouTube apps with Xbox 360 is a very easy process. Anyone can complete the pairing process without much difficulty. So go ahead and start streaming all your favorite videos.